Sabrina Howell, owner of Santa Rosa’s newest nursery, Wild Toad Nursery, is holding a workshop on providing water for wildlife just in time for those summer garden projects. Owner and presenter Sabrina Howell is a Certified California Naturalist, author, horticulturalist and has worked as Garden Teacher and presenter with the US Fish & Wildlife.

“Everyone is drawn to water,” says Howell. “There is something magical about the sight and sound of water. It’s not complicated to have a water feature. It just takes a little know-how and I have that to share.” Howell has been ponding for more than fifteen years and has plenty of learning experiences to draw from. “If you are interested in attracting wildlife, a water feature is the way to go. Water is one of the quickly disappearing, basic elements that wildlife need. A homeowner can make a big difference with even a small water feature. It’s really fun!”

The workshop will answer all your questions about mosquito and algae control, water usage and unanticipated questions that an experienced ponder has to share. The workshop will cover water features that do not use much water and compliment different garden styles, explain how to build various types of water features and how to avoid common mistakes.

The class will be held at Wild Toad Nursery, which shares space with West County Oasis Bamboo Garden. Wild Toad Nursery specializes in plants for ponds, plants for pollinators and plants for people. A personalized tour of the Bamboo Garden after the workshop is optional. Advanced registration is $30, $35 at the door.

For registration and additional information check the website wildtoadnursery.com, call 707-529-5261 or email Sabrina@wildtoadnursery.com.

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