Testimonials from Garden Coordinators that have received funding from the School Garden Network:


“This funding has renewed enthusiasm for the [garden] program …SGN support has encouraged other partnerships and donations…. Students are now getting some farm to table opportunities and soon we will have increased time and better curriculum in the garden”.

~ Sabrina Howell, Garden Coordinator at Steele Lane Elementary School, Recipient of Garden-Based Education Grant 2013-2015

“I am working with the new science teacher to implement garden-based curriculum. We are using produce directly from the garden to cook extra with these classes, and are planning soil science units.”

~ Richelle Stoufer, Garden Coordinator at Guerneville Elementary School, Recipient of Garden-Based Education Grant 2013 – 2015


“In the garden the students are on their best behavior.  They love the garden and the work and play it holds.  It is a great motivator for attitude and behavioral changes.”

 Julia Valentine, Garden Coordinator at Wright Charter School, Recipient of GardenBased Education Grant 20132015

 “Our first cooking lesson we converted a recipe with the 4th and 5th grade classes using fractions, to coincide with their math unit. We will be reading books about fruit available in winter, talking about where fruit we eat now is grown, studying a map of California to determine agricultural areas… We will also be making a tropical fruit salad to include kiwi, and planting kiwi vines.”

~ Richelle Stoufer, Garden Coordinator at Guerneville Elementary School, Recipient of Garden-Based Education Grant 2013-2015


“So many of the children in our school live in high density, low income situations. Having a school garden is one of the few points of contact with the natural world that many of them have.”

~ Julia Valentine, Garden Coordinator at Wright Charter School, Garden-Based Education Grant 2013-2015