Support Sebastopol Charter School’s Garden – Taste of West County Fundraiser

Sebastopol Charter School’s upcoming fundraiser, the Taste of West County, is scheduled for Sunday, May 17th at the Vine Hill House in Sebastopol. Money raised from this auction will go toward purchasing equipment for parent and students to begin prepping their school garden site (i.e shovels, work gloves, soil amendments, plants, etc.).  Sebastopol Charter is celebrating its 20th year as a K-8th grade Waldorf-inspired public charter school.  Gardening, along with sustainability is incorporated into its programming in every grade, with an emphasis in 3rd grade especially.  Students learn how to grow and cook their own food as a class. With the help of parents, they build planters and tend to them from seeds to harvest and enjoy eating and cooking with them and bringing home extras to family and friends. Over the years, students have had the opportunity to use larger garden spaces from local school neighbors and families.  They look forward to reaching their dream of having their own garden and farm from where they can reap the nourishing benefits of the many possibilities it will afford them, including things such as a school Community Supported Agriculture program, on site and hands-on gardening curriculum, composting education, and school lunches which will include school grown produce. For more information on the fundraiser, click here.

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