Sonoma County schools invited to take part in Daily Acts Community Resilience Challenge!

Daily Acts is coordinating their 6th year of the Community Resilience Challenge and is dedicated to getting schools, teachers and students more involved with the Challenge this year.

From March through May, Daily Acts rallies individuals and groups to register 7,000 sustainability actions to:

  • Save Water (fixing leaks, installing drip irrigation)
  • Grow Food (garden, raise chickens)
  • Conserve Energy (unplug appliances, take alternative transportation)
  • Reduce Waste (compost, go reusable), and
  • Build Community (host a potluck, buy local).

The Challenge is a CALL TO ACTION; designed to inspire collaborations, to build relationships and strengthen networks for lasting change. Everyone who participates in Sonoma County is eligible for a free yard of Organic Compost and discounts on irrigation and perennials (register today for more details).

 Daily Acts will be distributing posters and fliers at schools as well as doing presentations in classrooms, assemblies, and garden clubs to get students to commit to their own personal action at home or in their communities. If you want to ensure that they come to your school, contact

Special incentive for School Projects!!

If you are organizing a garden project at your school and need compost or mulch, Daily Acts may be able to help! Sonoma Compost is donating a total of 90 cubic yards of materials (one 40 cubic yard truckload and four 10 cubic yard truckloads) for community and school gardens. To apply, please complete this application form and send it to no later than April 28th!

How to Get Involved! 

There are many ways a school or classroom can participate in the Challenge. Start by registering your amazing projects already planned! Every action counts and Daily Acts wants to hear what you are doing. Actions can be a school wide project, a classroom project, or a garden project.

If you are currently working on a project or even if you are but want to do more, here are just a few ideas:

  • School clean-up day: pick up all the trash and recycling on the playground and school grounds.
  • Post water and energy saving reminders around school: helpful reminders that are also art projects!
  • Start a classroom worm bin: turn food waste into fertilizer!
  • Conduct a water audit: look for leaks/drips and report them immediately to be fixed!
  • Organize a community garden party: give students (and parents) a chance to get their hands in the dirt!
  • Install a water catchment system: rain barrels capture water for those tasty gardens.
  • Plant a habitat or pollinator garden: feed the bees, butterflies and birds!
  • Sheet mulch lawn areas around campus: get rid of that water guzzling grass and maybe even get a rebate for your efforts.
  • Plant a tree on campus: how about fruit trees that also teach students about food production.

You can find oodles more ideas and inspiration (and a listing of local rebates) on the resources page or on the registration form itself.

Be sure to tell your friends about the Challenge and promote it to your networks. We KNOW we will hit our goal of 7,000 actions but want to blast way past it while AMAZING and INSPIRING others to action!

Please contact if you would like to have her present to your class about the Challenge or have any other thoughts, questions, or hopes for getting your school involved.

Thank you for your heartfelt support and dedication to Being Part of the Solution Revolution!

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