SlowFood Curriculum for School Gardens

The Purpose of Slow Food School Garden Curriculum-

The concept of “conviviality” is at the heart of the Slow Food movement: taking pleasure in the

processes of cooking, eating, and sharing meals with others. Education is an important step in

gaining the appreciation for conviviality and the pleasure of sharing good food. Therefore, Slow

Food School garden curriculum must include the following elements:

Slow Food provides a unique contribution to school gardens. Slow Food is an idea,a way of

living and a way of eating.

The curriculum is divided into three parts, Good, Clean and Fair. Together they provide a full

range of activities centered around the garden; from tasting activities, to cooking with garden

produce, to sustainable gardening, to studying food systems, and activities that promote

access to affordable fresh food.

Check out the first part here:Good-Clean-and-Fair-School-Garden-Curriculum-Good-Chapters-1-2-low

These activity guides assume that you already have a school garden, or an outdoor space.

If you need help starting a garden, check out the Slow Food USA’s School Garden Guide at

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