SGN Affiliate Benefits

The School Garden Network of Sonoma County is excited to launch a new FREE Affiliate program! We invite all Sonoma County schools to participate and become part of the larger school gardens network!

We have established partnerships with the following businesses:

1. Harmony Farm Supply  – SGN Affiliate Schools will receive discounts after they have filled out the SGN affiliate registration form and have sent in the Harmony Farm Supply form directly to Rick Williams to open a school garden account.

2. Blue Barrel Rainwater Catchment Systems – BlueBarrel provides all the tools, materials, and educational resources for installing the BlueBarrel Rainwater Catchment System.  Their proposal for schools outlines their discounted services.

3. Synergy Agricultural Products will donate a compost tea brewing starter kit to every SGN Affiliate School. The kits to make Buckets into Brewers are free. The Brewer Kits come with the first batch of Synergy Compost Tea. After that, the Synergy Compost Tea kits can be found at Wyatt Irrigation. For example, a Synergy Tea Kit is $19.70 to make 40 gallons full strength and 200 gallons with a 4:1 dilution with non chlorinated water.

In addition to these discounted services, SGN Affiliate Schools will receive a quarterly newsletter and early announcements of free seeds, plants and other resources. SGN plans to partner with more local retailers in the future for additional discounts to schools. (Let us know if you can help with this effort!)

To become an Affiliate of the School Garden Network you need to fill out a membership form and sign up to participate in the Community Forum on the SGN website. The Forum is SGN’s community bulletin board, where information is exchanged about curricular resources, free seeds and plants, workshops, grants, and what’s happening at school gardens in and beyond the county.

Must be a Sonoma County school to participate.