School Garden on Wheels!!

Just two weeks into its Spring tour, non-profit Compass Green, an innovative, out-of-the-box/in-the-box, school garden on wheels has already surpassed its 1,000 student mark. Compass Green is a fully functional greenhouse built in the back of an 18ft. box truck that grows vegetables, grains, and herbs and is powered by waste vegetable oil.

Compass Green Team, Nick Runkle and Justin Cutter, biodynamic farming pros, teach practical farming tools and raise awareness on sustainability through presentations, workshops, and greenhouse tours at schools and events across the country. This dynamic duo feels that everyone, regardless of demographic and age should have access to sustainability education and delicious healthy food.

Their curriculum is focused on Bio-intensive methods of sustainable farming—producing the maximum yields with the minimum amount of resources.

With an ever-increasing population and an alarming decrease in farmable soil, Compass Green is dedicated to sharing practical solutions to turn agricultural scarcity into one of abundance. Compass Green aims to inspire people across the country to be creative and utilize any and all space they can to grow food.

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