Pumpkin Fun at Riebli Elementary School Garden!

Pumpkin2-RiebliThe Riebli Elementary School garden classes have been busy growing a giant pumpkin! The garden teachers were given a Dill’s Atlantic giant pumpkin start which they planned to enter in a pumpkin growing contest, but the students informally voted not to submit the pumpkin as they wanted to watch it grow.

They used the pumpkin for math lessons: estimating the weight using different methods (circumference verse over the top), measuring the actual weight, measuring circumference, diameter & radius, measuring the perimeter and calculating the area of the leaves, predicting the number of seeds and then grouping and counting the actual seeds.

The Student Council created a computerized voting system to vote on the pumpkin’s name and the lower grades learned about the life cycle after reading “Pumpkins” by Ken Robbins (the plant started to regenerate after they removed the pumpkin).

The giant pumpkin was a huge success and the students really enjoyed it. They are saving the seeds in hopes that students can take home starts of their own in the spring!


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