Plastic Bottle Cap Mural Project at Grant Elementary School

Plastic Bottle Cap Mural Project at Grant Elementary School

Grant School just got a little more colorful!

“By taking something ordinary – plastic bottle tops – which we typically toss in the trash without a second thought, and re-purposing them to create colorful art, we hoped to showcase how beautiful recycling could be,” said Aimee Vorhaus, one of the parent project leads.

This truly was a school wide art project.  Teachers, parents and    students brainstormed ideas for the mural design.  “We wanted to represent the beautiful ecology surrounding us here in Sonoma County, and create an awareness of the need to be good environmental stewards,” said Vorhaus.

Over the summer, Grant families collected bottle tops and brought in more than 10,000 when school started in August.  Kindergarten, first and second grades did a fantastic job sorting all those caps by color.  Then third and fourth grades painted the background illustrations, and finally, fifth and sixth grades drilled the caps into the wood using screws generously donated by Friedman’s.  There are 6 panels in total, hanging on campus walls.