Monte Vista Elementary: Rohnert Park

Garden Description: The garden has been a part of the school for most of its history. It is made up of 22 raised beds. There is a butterfly/pollinator bed, sensory bed, vegetable beds, a few fruit trees, and flower beds. There are two worm bins that are fed from garden compost and snack leftovers. There is a small group seating area for instruction. New irrigation was installed this year and we are in the process of replacing beds that are in disrepair this year. Teachers have access to teaching materials and resources that were gathered by our Garden Coordinator Kitty Ritz. A committee keeps the garden communication board up to date and communicates with the staff.

Garden Activities: Grow vegetables, Wildlife/pollinator habitat, Composting bin, Cooking or taste testing in the garden or classroom, Nature study, Fruit trees, Seed saving, Vermicomposting

Year Garden Was Started: ~1994

Location: 1400 Magnolia Avenue, Rohnert Park

Garden Coordinator: Vivian Winfreevivian_winfree[at]

Last updated on 1/2/15