Member Spotlight: Spring Creek School

SGN Member Spotlight: Spring Creek School

Spring Creek’s school garden is a part of every students’ day at school.  Situated in the middle of the courtyard, the vegetable and herb raised beds are mixed in with students’ lunch tables.  Kids are surrounded by the gardens that they help tend while they eat lunch.  Next to the office, the Butterfly and Pollinator garden provides a habitat for important insects.  Plants like image010milkweed, lipstick sage, and Jerusalem sage are a treat for people and pollinators.  When students and teachers are looking for a calm spot to enjoy nature, they can sit in the willow dome and read a book, relax in the shade, or observe the willow galls that pop up on the leaves.  Parents and community members help keep the garden tidy and productive during 2 work days each year. During weekly garden class, students can be found cooking simple and healthy recipes from garden produce, singing about plants, working in the garden, and exploring the worm bin.  Spring Creek’s students, teachers, and community love their garden! image002

KRON Channel 4 news recently selected Carole Geier, a volunteer teacher in the Spring Creek garden, as their Teacher of the Week! Check out the KRON news segment by clicking on the link below.

Article submitted by garden teacher Amy McIntosh and Carole Geier.