Member Spotlight on Old Adobe Elementary School

    IMG_1923 (1)  A few years ago we had the idea to turn an unused cracked up piece of earth by our school play structure into an edible garden. We envisioned students planting in healthy soil, eating from the bounty of the garden and understanding the importance of caring for the land. Now, to us,  the Old Adobe Edible Garden (OAEG) is an outdoor classroom oasis. At OAEG we strive to promote healthy lifestyles, demonstrate principles of stewardship, encourage community and social development, and give a hands on approach to academic goals.

Through the generous support of the PTO, local growers, community members, local businesses, and a lot of extremely hard work we now have a wonderful half acre garden program. Our first year was spent setting up an irrigation system, spreading soil and compost, sheet mulching the grass, and planting a few fruit trees. Currently we have 18 raised redwood beds, 1000 feet of row crop beds, 9 olive trees, and 15 other fruit trees. All students in our K-6 school learn in our garden. The staff is incorporating many of the next generation science standards into their work in the garden. In addition, our community benefits from our weekly farm stand. In the future we hope to add specific habitat gardens, a greenhouse, a water catchment system, and a “kitchen” area so we can start cooking together.

Beth Stoep, 3rd Grade Teacher at Old Adobe Elementary School

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