May is Living Schoolyards Month!

Sonoma County schools are encouraged to participate in the first Living Schoolyard Month this month of May! A new California state resolution encourages school districts to design and construct schoolyard green spaces and use these areas for teaching outside of the classroom. The Living Schoolyard Month resolution was adopted on June 16, 2014, establishing an annual statewide celebration of school grounds to be held each May. We encourage schools throughout the county to take their students outside during the month of May and throughout the year to celebrate green spaces on campus. School garden classes are a perfect way to enjoy green spaces on campus and the Living Schoolyards Guide is a wonderful resource for many more great ideas.  Green Schoolyards of America, a non-profit dedicated to expanding the strengthening the green schoolyard movement, invites you to share what you did for your Living Schoolyard Month celebration which they will share online at the end of the month.  For more information, go to

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