Join the Compost Club – Recycle Organic Waste on Your School Campus!

The Compost Club is looking for highly motivated schools in Sonoma County (3rd grade and up) with the capacity to initiate or improve an institution-wide daily practice of recycling organic waste through an onsite vermiculture system!

They will be delivering a one hour “Recycling Changes Everything” presentation to thirty schools in Sonoma County this school year. They will select seven schools to receive and install a school wide vermiculture system.

The Compost Club project started in 2003 and now supports more than twenty sites (schools, wineries, retreat centers, detention facilities) who now divert their organic waste. They have diverted more than 338,000 lbs. of organic waste since the effort began. With the recent closure of Sonoma Compost, now is the time to keep waste in place instead of the alternative – hauling our waste to the East Bay each day. Their work is grant funded- the services and materials they provide are free of charge.

You can contact them through their website at 

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