Heirloom Expo

2017 National Heirloom Exposition

September 5th, 6th, 7th

School Garden Network is again working in collaboration with the National Heirloom Exposition and Baker Creek Seed Company to highlight all the wonderful school gardens in our area and ensure that as many students as possible have the opportunity to experience the wonder of the world’s largest annual heritage food event!

School Garden Network will be putting together the School Garden Showcase where schools and students can exhibit projects, produce, and products of their school gardens. In addition, Baker Creek Seed Company provides financial assistance to schools to transport students to the Heirloom Expo. School Garden Network processes all these transportation assistance applications.

School Garden Network staff and Board also volunteer for the event and coordinate a silent auction- funds from which will proceed local school gardens. Thank you to our 2016 Auction donors!!


Want to show off your school garden at the Expo? Complete the 2017 Heirloom Expo_School Exhibitor Application

Want help paying for a bus to get your students to the Expo? Complete the 2017 Heirloom Expo_Bus Assist Application

Check out the schedule of activities in the School Garden Network Kids Pavillion!


  1. Print the relevant Application form
  2. Complete all required information
  3. For bus assistance: You must retrieve a quote for transportation from your local company and attach this quote to your application.
  4. Return the application and any attachments to Elizabeth Westerfield: westerfielde@gmail.com
  5. Questions? Please read through each application thoroughly and find included contact information at the bottom.
  6. Deadline for applications is June 30th!!

All school garden displays will be located in Finley Hall.


Want to volunteer for kid activities or at the SGN booth? 

Contact Elizabeth Westerfield: westerfielde@gmail.com

Interested in helping or donating to our Auction?

Contact Daniele Allion: djallion@gmail.com

Thank you to our 2016 Auction donors!!