Healthy Roots Testimonials


Testimonials from students:

“I liked the food the educator made for us because it was very tasty and I learned how easy it was to prepare those foods.”

“What I learned in the nutrition program was that eating healthy is very important, it affects a lot of things.”

“I liked how she explained what bad foods do to the body and also I liked her food samples.  Her food samples were easy and simple to do.  I liked how she explained the different minerals for the body and how to stay healthy.”

“I liked the food in the program because it taught me healthier alternatives to snacks.”

“What I liked about the nutrition program is trying out the new food she made and just learning what we need to stay healthy.”


Testimonials from teachers:

“Her presentations included how young bodies function and grow into healthy adult bodies and how the foods we eat have an effect on brain development, behavioral issues, and health concerns such as obesity and diabetes.  My students better understand the relevance of making healthy food choices on their long term health now that the educator has visited our school.” Joyce Hamilton, Northwest Prep Charter School

“Healthy Roots lessons provided learners with a comprehensible knowledge base about healthy levels of nutrients and the skills needed for them to begin to make healthier choices for themselves and their families.” Kate McGerity, El Camino Continuation High School