Healthy Roots Nutrition Educator Position

School Garden Network of Sonoma County Presents

Healthy Roots

A Nutrition Education Program


Job Description


The School Garden Network of Sonoma County is looking for an experienced nutrition educator to work with local middle and high schools as part of Healthy Roots- a Nutrition Education Program. This program is designed for grades 7-12 to develop student understanding of nutrition and to create an awareness of the importance in making healthy food choices.


This is a part time independent contractor position at approximately 20-30 hours per month, without benefits, beginning in schools November 2012 through May 2012. Rate of pay is $25 an hour plus gas mileage. The program will work in Sonoma County schools, one month in each school. The curriculum will be taught once a week for four weeks. There is potential to teach more than one class per school and more than one school per month.

Goals of the Program: Students will:

1.)    Understand that nutrition is the foundation for how our bodies function and grow.

2.)    Understand the difference between healthy foods (whole, unrefined, nutrient dense) and unhealthy foods (processed, void of nutrients, depletes health).

3.)    Learn how to create simple, healthy, and tasty snacks.

4.)    Understand the relevance of making healthy food choices on their growth, development, and short and long-term health.


Contractor Responsibilities Include:

1.)    Working with the School Garden Network to help refine curriculum and recipes.

2.)    Be the contact person to schools helping with outreach of the program.

3.)    Using the curriculum to present nutrition based lessons at identified Sonoma County high schools.

4.)    Preparing healthy snacks with students.

5.)    Preparing student handouts.

6.)    Picking up food for snack demonstrations.

7.)    Traveling to and from schools around Sonoma County.

8.)    Keeping reports and files after each day in the classroom and reporting to SGN via email weekly.


Experience and skills desired:

1.)    Experience in Nutrition Education.

2.)    Experience in teaching or working with middle and high school students.

3.)    Time management skills.

4.)    Ability to work with others and work independently.

5.)    Computer skills for keeping files and logging data.

6.)    A belief in holistic health and sustainable food systems.


Please email a cover letter, resume, and any questions to by Thursday October 11th. Interviews will take place the following week. Work will start immediately.  Please visit our website for more information about the School Garden Network of Sonoma County: