Great Sunflower Project!



Welcome to the Great Sunflower Project!


It’s 2014 and we are looking forward to spring. Please join us! You can register here. If you are concerned about using neonictinoid pesticides in your gardens, here is a link to a list of the products that you can buy in many garden shops that contain neonictinoid pesticides.

  1. Join our Safe Gardens for Pollinators program . Help identify the effects of pesticides on pollinators.
  2. Join our Pollinator Friendly Plants program. Help identify the critical plants that support pollinators and regions where they thrive. Contribute a pollinator count from the plants in your yard or favorite green spaces.
  3. Take the Great Pollinator Habitat Challenge starting in April. Learn to evaluate and improve habitat for pollinators.

As always, thanks for participating!


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