Got Veggies? Free Garden-based Nutrition curriculum

What is Got Veggies?

Got Veggies? is a garden-based nutrition education curriculum.

The primary goal of garden-based nutrition education is to get children to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Gardens have long provided an excellent learning environment for teaching children about scientific concepts such as photosynthesis and decomposition. What we have discovered in the past decade, however, is that the garden is also the perfect learning environment for nutrition education. Students learn about nutrition in the garden through direct experience.

What is in Got Veggies?

Got Veggies? features seven full lesson plans in the Main Menu section. Each lesson plan includes an overview, list of objectives (correlated to Wisconsin Model Academic Standards for Nutrition, Health, Science, and other related subjects), materials list, and directions for lesson activities including tasting.

The À La Carte section offers a variety of garden-based activities including Keep- ing a Garden Journal, Theme Gardens, and Garden Art. The Cooking & Eating in the Garden section provides a collection of fun recipes and helpful tips from the Troy Kids’ Garden. These garden-based lessons and activities can stand alone or be used in conjunction with each other. Whether you have just a few minutes to spend with students in the garden or an entire lesson period, this curriculum is a great way to nurture students’ interest in growing and eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Got Veggies? also includes an annotated list of garden-based and nutrition education resources.

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