Free Perennials & Lettuces

There is another truckload of perennials from Soquel Nursery available for school gardens at the Ceres Garden behind the O’Reilly Media offices off 1005 Gravenstein Hwy North in Sebastopol.

We have more Salvia Greggii ( Autumn Sage ) which are  a  favorite of hummingbirds and butterflies!These airy salvias bloom summer – fall, are drought tolerant and grow to about 3’x3′.They will need to be cut back occasionally to keep them from getting too leggy. Cut them back by half at this time and after their first bloom of summer trim back by one third.

There is also Lantana, a butterfly favorite and a few others.

Sweetwater Nursery also donated some beautiful lettuces and mesclun mix

If you are coming from afar to bring back plants for other schools in your region.  Let me know if you need contact information for schools in your area.

Please only take plants adjacent to our SGN sign. Do NOT remove plants from tables or plants set aside from the SGN area!!!

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