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    Looking for a decent job after completing the university is a difficult task and it makes it worse when people make silly mistakes in their very first job. This is something that is not good for their career startup or the beginning of their professional lives.
    As we all have heard the famous saying that “ the first impression is the last impression” it is something very similar most of the fresh people don’t realise in their first job that indicates that they are actually not ready for tackling the real world.
    Here are some of the common mistakes that fresh graduates make in the first job from coursework writing service UK to help you in overcoming those issues to make a positive attitude towards the management of your company.

    1. They Don’t Ask Questions
    It is a very basic thing that one must ask their seniors when they are new at a workplace even if they know that how to do something, it is always a better and safe option to ask someone who is working for the company for months, just to ensure that you don’t do it wrong.
    Asking questions actually indicates that you are a person who wants to learn and grow along the company and this is the thing that your management is expecting from you. So… don’t waffle asking questions it is for your own perfection.

    2. Avoiding Initiative
    Being an active employee as well as taking an initiative at a workplace shows that you are not that type of person who waits for others instruction instead you take a startup from your own and do it in your own way.
    The main benefit of taking an initiative is that gets you noticed and this demonstrates that you have the capability to support the company in achieving their objectives and organisational goals that ultimately increases your value to the company.

    3. Replying to the BOSS
    Fresh graduate who spent 3 – 4 years of their lives in the college and universities develops a false sense of self-importance. There is a big difference between the life in a workplace and an institution. Just because you have attained a degree doesn’t mean that you know everything!
    Despite this, there are some bosses who may be very frank to you and entertain your efforts towards the company. So… it doesn’t really matter what kind of boss you get, never ever reply them back!

    4. Not Giving Importance to Company Events
    Work events are actually an opportunity for you to demonstrate yourself, your skills, your abilities that how you can make that event memorable and inspiring to others.
    Fresh graduates make false belief among the young people that these events are of no importance, just a waste of time and boredom. However, fresh people don’t realise that not attending an event will reflect negative impression to their boss, management, and colleagues. So… don’t miss your next event.

    5. Self-Belief
    Self-confidence is important, but overconfidence can ruin all your efforts and hardships. Accomplishing a degree is a great achievement and why not… you have got to start your new life, right?
    But again… there is a big difference between learning in classrooms and working in an office. So… respect your seniors, ask for concerns, issues, and assistance regarding any of your work-related problem or confusion, because it is better to ask for help rather than doing it in a wrong way.

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