Flowery Elementary School: Fetters Hot Springs

Flowery Elementary sits in Fetters Hot Springs, just north of the town of Sonoma. They are a dual immersion elementary school spanning grades K-5. In kindergarten and 1st grades, 90% of instructional time is in Spanish with an emphasis on Spanish literacy. As students progress through the grades, English language instruction increases. By 4th grade, instructional time is nearly evenly divided between Spanish and English.

Flowery used their Cooking from the Garden grant 2011-2012 to promote healthy foods and provide students the opportunity to sample a wide range of foods that are healthy and organically grown. The grant allowed them to purchase supplies to stock the garden kitchen.  Every student is now able to participate in cooking activities.  Students also tend the garden on a year round basis and harvest the vegetables.

The Garden Coordinator works with each class twice a month for a one-hour session. Each teacher recruits one or two garden volunteers to assist during the scheduled visit. The teachers participate in the classes also and plan their curriculum according to what the Garden Coordinator is doing in the kitchen that month.  The Parent Teacher Organization has made the garden program the main priority for fundraising.