Current Funding Opportunities!

The following are current funding opportunities that might apply to your school garden:

The Culinary Trust: Chefs move to school

Deadline: ONGOING
The Chefs Move to Schools Grant provides funds for culinary professionals to help our children eat right by teaching them about food, nutrition and cooking. Funds can be used from garden to table: culinary professionals may seek funding for any program that promotes health and wellness in schools. For example, the grant may be used to plant a garden, teach a class, promote or create a wellness program for students or parents or assist in creating a school curriculum that focuses on healthy eating. In order to qualify the grant applicant must have the support of the school principal and, in some cases, additional school personnel.

Awesome Foundation‘s Food chapter
Deadline: OPEN
The Awesome Foundation‘s Food chapter is now taking applications for its $1,000 microgrants to further food awesomessness in the universe. Apply at Awesome Foundation and submit under “Food” category. Every month, one microgrant will be given for an awesome idea involving food, be it urban farming, food truck, recipe collects, pop-up cafes, or health. The more inventive the better.

Healthy Living Grants, Cabot Creamery
Deadline: OPEN
Who May Apply: Schools with matching funds seeking to improve kids‘ health through exercise, nutrition and/or information.
Cabot is an enthusiastic supporter of our communities‘ efforts to improve our kids‘ health through exercise, better nutrition and lots of fun knowledge. Cabot created the matching grant process to encourage schools to reach out to their own local businesses, cooperatives, parent clubs and others. Doing this supports sustainability for the initiative, provides awareness about a school‘s new healthy living idea and encourages participation by community members.
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