School Garden Apprenticeship Program


SGN is offering summer support to school gardens in the Petaluma and Santa Rosa/Sebastopol areas. SGN Affiliate Gardens will be prioritized. If your school is not yet an Affiliate Garden it’s quick and easy to sign up on our website.

This service is made possible by SGN’s new School Garden Apprenticeship (SGA)  program, which hires and trains teens in garden maintenance and irrigation installation. The program will focus on school gardens in Petaluma and Santa Rosa/Sebastopol, and will operate 2 days per week for 6 weeks (mid-June thru July).

We are offering one day of work at your school garden during our season. The School Garden Apprenticeship is managed by SGN Staff and volunteer and endorsed by Harmony Farm Supply. This is a great opportunity to get a new area of your garden sheet mulched, to add new garden boxes, to build a compost system or to do the weeding you never get to during the busy school system. Each school is responsible for providing materials for projects unless it is a drip irrigation system. You can discuss possible projects with Sue Davis the SGA coordinator.

To be a school garden work site, you must have an already exiting school garden, and have a designated school garden representative present onsite when our crew is there. You also need to have clear tasks needed for a crew of 4 teens.

If you are interested in installing automated drip irrigation at your site then apply for SGN’s WaterWise SchoolGarden mini grant to receive a free design and help with installation!

APPLY HERE for a Work day with the School Garden Apprenticeship Program.

The application deadline is June 5th, and schools will be notified of their acceptance by June 14th.

For more information or to discuss possible projects please contact SGN Apprenticeship Coordinator-Sue Davis  at

Know a teen that might be interested in participating in this new program. Get the application from Sue Davis!

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