Reminder Garden Gathering at Steele Lane Thursday 3:30

Join us at the wonderful courtyard school garden at Steele Lane School-301 Steele Ln, Santa Rosa, CA 95403.

We’ll have a tour of the garden from garden teacher, Todd-Beth the HealthyRoots educator will share a seasonal garden snack and Annie SGN’s program director will have some tried and true”Garden Back Pocket Lessons” for us.

SGN will bring seeds & organic vegetable starts to share.  SlowFoodsNorth will will bringBodega Red Potatoes for planting-a local potato brought back from obscurity and now on the SlowFoods Ark of Taste!



Workshop Opportunity- The Growing Classroom on March 2nd!

Old Adobe School is hosting LifeLab’s The Growing Classroom Workshop on March 2nd, 2017. Check out the agenda.

This workshop is being generously funded by Old Adobe School, so it is FREE to attend. But space is very limited, so please contact Beth Stoep at if you are interested.





Starting Your Garden from Seed- FREE CLASS

Starting Your Garden from Seed


Saturday, February 25

St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, 500 Robinson Road, Sebastopol

 11:00 am – 12:00 pm


Learn about planning your garden, starting seed indoors, sowing directly in the garden, and what supplies you need to be successful. Class will be taught by Electra de Peyster.

 Electra de Peyster has been a UCCE Sonoma County Master Gardener since 2004 and teaches classes on seeds, seed saving and food gardening for the Master Gardener Library series and for community groups. She has volunteered at the Community Seed Exchange since 2009 and is also the founder of SeedStewards, a project that promotes seed saving as one part of a sustainable future.

 Seed Library open  9:00 am – 12:00 pm

We are a grassroots community seed library  supporting Sonoma County gardeners with free, open-pollinated, locally grown, pesticide- and GMO-free seeds.All gardeners with or without seeds to share are welcome.

Work Party-9:00 am – 10:30 am

Join us  in the Seed Garden

located on site, where we grow many of the seeds offered in our library. A great way to learn more  about seed saving and gardening. Always optional!!


9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Seed Library

We are a grassroots community seed bank that supports Sonoma County gardeners with free,
open-pollinated, locally grown,
pesticide- and GMO-free seeds.
All gardeners with or without seeds to share are welcome.

Save Seeds, Share Seeds

We hope that many gardeners
will commit to grow out and donate back to the seed library.

School Garden Gathering March 9th at Steele Lane School

Hi School Gardeners!

Joins SGN and SlowFoodsNorth for a School Garden Gathering in Santa Rosa at  Steele Lane School’s wonderful courtyard garden from 3:30-5:00.

We’ll begin with a tour of the garden from garden teacher, Todd followed by a share out of some tried and true”Garden Back Pocket Lessons”.  Bring a favorite!

SGN and SlowFoodsNorth will bring seeds, starts and some Bodega Red Potatoes , a local potato brought back from obscurity and now on the SlowFoods Ark of Taste!




FREE WORM Bins for SchoolWide Composting

Hi all,

Jail Industries has donated 5 large worm bins to school gardens.


These are suitable for schools who are doing school-wide composting at their sites.

Schools would need to pick up the worm bin at Jail Industry site next to the airport.

We’re working on getting some worms donated as well!!

Let me know if you are interested!


Site Supervisor, Teacher, Atelierista, & Aide Positions at Mixed Greens PreSchool

Visit to learn more or email with resume, references and cover letter or to get for more information.

Full Job Postings here.

Question about Perennial pick up

Hi all,

If your school collected free perennials this past week can you please let me know and an approximate number of plants you picked up.

I am a bit curious because so many plants went away in less than 24 hours with both drop offs.

It is quite unusual.

Happy if they did all go off to schools that promptly-and do want to make sure they are getting to schools!!

Thanks for your help with this!!


FREE Perennials Are Gone!

All the perennials have been picked up at CERES Garden.

If you took plants from the table will you please let me know and return to CERES Garden as soon as possible.  If CERES plants continue to be taken we will need to find a new plant drop off place.

Please do not take anything from tables, greenhouse or that has a sign that says “For Ceres Garden Do not take!!”

If you have not yet received any perennials from Soquel and want to be on the waiting list for the next drop off let me know and I will make sure your school gets a chance to pick some up!



707 508-9710

Free Salvias have all been taken!

We’ll let you know when we get


FREE salvias for pick up at the Ceres Garden behind the O’Reilly Media offices off 1005 Gravenstein Hwy North in Sebastopol.

This is the perfect time to plant perennials and we have lots of salvias for pick up at the Ceres Garden behind the O’Reilly Media offices off 1005 Gravenstein Hwy North in Sebastopol.

Soquel Nursery has  donated hundreds of Salvia Greggii ( Autumn Sage ) which are  a  favorite of hummingbirds and butterflies!These airy salvias bloom summer – fall, are drought tolerant and grow to about 3’x3′.

They will need to be cut back occasionally to keep them from getting too leggy. Cut them back by half at this time and after their first bloom of summer trim back by one third. They are in 1 gallon pots. Remember to plant them in groups of 3 at least!

If you are coming from afar to bring back plants for other schools in your region.  Let me know if you need contact information for schools in your area.

Please only take plants adjacent to our SGN sign. Do NOT remove plants from tables or plants set aside from the SGN area!!!