Apply for a Grant

Note: We are currently only offering the Garden Grants, Water-wise School Garden Mini Grants and Schoolyard Habitat Program Grants for the 2016-2017 school year.

There are several different grants available to Sonoma County schools through the School Garden Network:

Water-wise School Garden Mini Grant (grant cycle is ongoing): This grant program is a new collaboration between SGN and Harmony Farm Supply. Eligible SGN member schools will receive a free irrigation design, installation support and up to $400 in funding for a drip irrigation system. Irrigation systems will include battery operated timers, electric anti-siphon valves and a shut off valve to isolate the system. In order to qualify, schools must be an SGN member school by completing the Membership Form. Once your school has completed the membership process, SGN will send your school an account application for Harmony Farm Supply. School gardens may apply for a “WATER-WISE SCHOOL GARDENS” mini grant once these two steps are completed. School gardens will be required to provide principal and maintenance signature on the WATERWISE mini- grant application and supply a detailed map for design. Details in the application.

The Schoolyard Habitat Program Grant: This program helps teachers and students create wildlife habitat at their own schools. A schoolyard habitat project is a naturalized habitat area that is used for classroom field studies and observations. A well-designed project that is integrated into the curriculum will foster long-term ecological stewardship in children of all ages. Qualified schools or organizations serving kindergarten through 12th grade students are eligible for funding and may receive up to $8,000 for their projects. Schools must work cooperatively with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and School Garden Network (SGN) to be considered for funding. For more information contact Laurel Anderson & Sabrina Howell, SGN Schoolyard Habitat Coordinators, at Read more about the Schoolyard Habitat Program.

Garden Grant: This $5,000 grant may be used for the salary of the Garden Education Coordinator, professional development for the Coordinator and other garden team members, and curriculum materials. Additional funding is provided for the Coordinator to attend the Occidental Arts and Ecology Center’s School Garden Teacher Training Program. Schools must have an existing garden to apply.

Download Garden Grant Application

Cooking from the Garden Grant: The goal of this $1,000 grant is to encourage nutrition education and healthy cooking with children, using seasonal food grown in the school garden and/or by local farms. Grant may be used to develop an outdoor or indoor kitchen space, and purchase cooking equipment, nutrition curriculum and food from local farms to supplement the garden during the winter months. Schools must have an existing garden to apply.

Download Cooking from the Garden Grant Application

Salad Bar Grant: The goal of this $4,000 grant is to increase student and staff access to healthy, fresh produce through a weekly school salad bar, and to enhance the productivity of the school garden. Grant may be used to purchase a salad bar unit, cooking equipment, nutrition curriculum and for hiring of a salad bar coordinator. The school salad bar is a supplement to the school lunch, not a replacement or a meal of its own. Schools must have an existing garden to apply.

Download Salad Bar Grant Application

For further information, contact Tracy Batchelder, SGN Program & Administrative Associate, at or 707-861-0593.