Analy High School: Sebastopol

Garden Description: A rectangular area of 40 feet by 140 feet adjacent to one of the school buildings; 12 vegetable boxes, about 30 square feet each; an apple tree espalier of 4 varieties of apples; several in ground beds for additional vegetables; 6 citrus trees; 4 pear trees; fence line of grape vines; miscellaneous roses; 4 hazel nut trees; hot compost piles; 3 worm bin; cob benches; fountains

Garden Activities: Grow vegetables, Composting bin, Provide garden produce for cafeteria, Cooking or taste testing in the garden or classroom, Fruit trees, Vermicomposting

Year Garden Was Started: 2007

Location: 1683 Burbank Ave., Santa Rosa

Garden Coordinator: David Casey

Last updated on 1/2/15