An informative and fun day for garden educators!

NutritionWorkshop1School Garden Network recently hosted an informative and fun garden enhanced nutrition education workshop at Salmon Creek Elementary School in Occidental with several different guest speakers. Kaelyn Ramsden, Garden Coordinator at Salmon Creek, shared their Farm to School program which utilizes fresh produce from their ½ acre production garden for their cafeteria. Her colleague, Ciussy, works part-time in the cafeteria and as the cooking teacher in the garden. The dishes that are prepared in the garden are featured on the menu in the cafeteria later in the month. Angie Corwin and Chelsea Sarg spoke about CAFF’s Harvest of the Month program and led the group in some fun activities related to local agriculture. Angie also shared some ideas for funding a Harvest of the Month program. Anthony Lim, a family physician currently practicing at Kaiser in Santa Rosa, discussed what is meant by a “whole foods plant-based diet”, its proven benefits for prevention and treatment of common conditions such as heart disease and diabetes, steps one can take to implement plant-based eating into your daily life, and how school gardens are a critical component of making plant-based eating more mainstream. SGN’s Laurel Anderson spoke about the nuts and bolts of setting up a cooking from the garden program and shared some curricular links, including Botany on Your Plate and Tasting the Rainbow. SGN offers workshops on different topics throughout the year related to gardening, nutrition and environmental education on school campuses. Stay tuned for our next workshop!

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